Make Money at Home

December 9th, 2018

It’s never been easier to make money from home. Millions of Americans have figured out ways to supplement their income or live comfortably by using simple resources available at their fingertips. Unfortunately, some people find themselves at a loss, unsure how to get started; they are overwhelmed by options, don’t know which sites are legit and which are scams, and never get actually get going. We’re here to make sure that you’re not one of these people. 

There are many tried-and-true resources for making money at home. They are easy to start and pay real cash. We’ve tested them, frequently use them ourselves, and invite you to join the millions of others who have discovered these various money-making methods. 

Some of these services involve taking for-pay surveys, others allow you to buy precious metals at low rates, and some are investment apps that get you started by investing your leftover pocket change. There are even some games, which reward you with cash the more you play. Of course, every single resource on this list can be operated from the comfort of your home!


InboxDollars has been around for more than a decade. It’s a free, easy to join resource that has acquired over 10 million members in the time it’s been around. The idea is simple: it connects brands with InboxDollar members, who are asked to do simple online activities. These activities include gaming, reading emails, online shopping, taking surveys, looking things up - basically everything you do online already! Compared with similar services which use a point system to reward members, InboxDollars pays in actual cash. 

You earn a $5 dollar bonus just by signing up. From there, you watch some simple tutorials and then you’re off. They offer multiple money-making options, which make it easy for users to figure out how to maximize their earnings.


Investing can be risky and complicated. Acorns has made it simple and virtually risk-free. Basically, users put their spare money into Acorns and watch it grow. It’s a micro-investing service, designed with the help of Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Harry Markowitz. In less than five minutes, you can join the 4 million Acorns users who are watching their spare change turn into real money.

When you invest your money into Acorn, your funds are placed into one of five carefully managed portfolios. Because it’s designed for mobile, it’s possible to watch your money grow from wherever you are. Professional asset managers oversee the portfolios and everyone benefits. It requires no special insight, education, or professional know-how. Acorns also works in the background, so users don’t have to be on the app to grow their funds. 

Opinion Outpost

Businesses need feedback from customers. It’s how they discover how the market is reacting to their products or services and gives them the information they need to improve. No service has been a better resource for this resource gathering than the internet. As of 2017, there are reportedly 3.39 billion internet users. That’s a lot of potential for feedback.

Because these surveys are so valuable to businesses, they are usually willing to pay for them. Opinion Outpost does a great job of putting these paying companies in touch with customers. They act as the middleman and make it easy for you to earn money by taking surveys from home. The more surveys you take, the more you make. All it requires from users are simple answers.

Opinion Outpost is easy to sign up for, and by becoming a member it gives you the potential to earn cash, various rewards, and enters you into a $10,000 quarterly prize draw. That haul alone should be enough motivation to sign up!

Survey Junkie

Like Opinion Outpost, Survey Junkie is a trendy survey company that puts customers in touch with businesses. It was launched all the way back in 2005 and has amassed over 3 million satisfied members. 

It’s best to think of Survey Junkie like a large online community and focus group. Market research companies tap Survey Junkie for feedback from its members, which it acquires in the form of simple surveys. They take that information and use it to improve their clients’ products and services. 

Signing up is simple, and only requires that you’re at least 18 years of age and reside somewhere in the United States, Canada, the UK, or Australia. After you sign up, they’ll ask you a few questions about your consuming habits so that they can figure out which companies would benefit from your feedback. After that, you’re good to go. Make sure you fill out the information completely and honestly - if you start providing survey responses that don’t match your profile information they might suspend your account. 

Stash Invest

Stash Invest is a micro-savings investment application similar to Acorns. However, it’s different in a significant way. While Acorns will invest for you, Stash Invest lets you do the actual investing. Of course, they don’t leave you guessing which investments to make. They offer recommendations, which are approved by a team of professionals. Users are given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of investment in a low-risk environment. 

When you sign up for Stash Invest, you start by connecting the app to your bank account. It only costs $5 to start investing, and if you want to invest more money the app makes it easy to move funds from your bank account into the app and back. Within minutes, you can set up an investment portfolio and start growing your finances. 

Swell Investing

Swell Investing is a platform that lets you invest in socially responsible companies. It’s simple to use and designed to grow your money while supporting companies that actually care about building a better future.

To make the process simple, they’ve created a few investment packages such as renewable energy, green tech, clean water, disease eradication, zero waste, and healthy living. Within these packages are small bundles of bonds, stocks, and other assets that all support the same cause. They make it easy to track your investments by using their simple online platform, which also keeps you updated with company cards with details about the businesses you’re supporting.

All of the resources on this list will help you make money from home, but Swell Investing will also give you the chance to make a direct impact on causes that matter. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Swell Investing is far from a charity. They are serious about helping you grow your money and have a team of dedicated professionals who make sure that it’s being invested wisely. 

Long Game Savings

Long Game Savings gives you the option to play games while earning real cash or cryptocurrency. The more you play, the more games you unlock, and the more chances you have to achieve your financial goals. The best part is that there’s absolutely no risk. Your money is insured by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), so you can withdraw it at any time. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. Long Game Savings makes their money whenever users sign up, and they pass a large portion of their profits onto members. They’ve created a platform where everyone benefits, and in the process users are given the opportunity to learn about blockchain technology, acquire crypto tokens, and earn cash. 


Motif is a do-it-all investment service. It’s part advisor, part idea-generation tool, part portfolio manager, and part broker. Like all of the investment services on this list, you can start trading for a minimal amount - it only takes $4.95 to get started - and from there you can start growing your money while keeping close track on their website or app. 

Just like Swell Investing, Motif creates investment packages called “motifs” which allow you to put your money into similar stocks. This makes it easy to keep track of where your money is going, how it’s growing, and makes the whole process a lot easier. The Motif app is great, and gives you a regularly updated overview of how your investments are doing. It’s a fantastic service for anyone who wants to make money while learning how investing really works. 


Run by one of the largest trading firms in the United States, OptionsHouse is an effective investment tool. If you want top-tier professionals managing your money while giving you insight and advice, look no further. You’re given access to functions and tools that are usually only available to professionals, and they offer close technical analysis that will educate beginner traders and bring them up to speed. In no time, you can be making confident financial decisions from the comfort of your couch. 

OptionsHouse is also easy-to-use and offers excellent customer service. They can be reached via phone, email, and live chat, and the staff is knowledgeable and patient.


Online, Buy Gold and Silver Coins has received thousands - literally thousands - of positive reviews. It’s a family owned service that makes it incredibly easy to buy and invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals. Buy using extra cash to invest in these goods, you can keep your money secure during slow economic times, and when gold prices climb you can sell them for a profit. It’s a time-tested strategy that is stable and reliable. 

The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating, and their support team has been praised by thousands of customers. They operate strictly online and run a very simple website that’s easy to navigate. Plus, what better feeling is there than opening a package you’ve received in the mail to find a box full of real gold? Probably none.

Bullion Exchanges

Located at multiple points throughout the United States, Bullion Exchanges makes delivery of gold and other precious metals quick and simple. Like BGASC, they’re a highly rated service that satisfied customers have said offer “freaky fast” delivery. Plus, they offer unique gold coins which commemorate different holidays, feature comic book heroes, and depict various other scenes.

Their website also makes it easy to learn. They offer how-to guides on investing in metals, give you tips about which are the best to buy, and they’ve created an extensive glossary which has all of the terms that people unfamiliar with precious metals need to know before making an investment. They conduct business in a fair and transparent way, and it’s an excellent method for people who want to make money while achieving financial security. It’s a win-win. 


Based in lovely Madison, Wisconsin, CBMint is one of the newer precious metal dealers in the game. However, because they’re just getting started, they offer some of the lowest possible premiums. This reason alone might make them the perfect option for people who want to make money by investing in gold.

Another perk of CBMint is their free shipping. If you live anywhere within the United States, they’ll get your bouillon to you without any additional charge. Their customer service is top rated, and they’ve made it an explicit goal to make sure that everyone that they do business with is satisfied with the service. 

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint was founded in 886 AD. Read that again. If you want to talk about a time-tested business, this organization has been around since before the Crusades. It’s operated by the UK government and offers a massive range of gold, silver, collectibles and various medals. For over a thousand years, people have been using their services to secure their money and watch it grow when the price of gold rises.