Fast Money Online

December 6th, 2018

We all have free time. Sadly, many of us waste it instead of being productive. When you consider it, those minutes passed, sitting around, equal possible dollars lost. So, instead of spending your downtime on social media, commercials, or just waiting around not earning any money, why not utilize that time to make some quick cash or invest in your future? 

Almost everyone could use some extra money, whether for savings, investing, or spending. Thankfully, the internet has opened up dozens of fast money online opportunities with countless ways to earn or save an extra buck. 

To help you get started, below are nine apps or platforms that we have tried, tested, and loved. They are fun and simple ways to make some quick cash.


If you want to make some quick money online, InboxDollars is a stress-free way to start collecting some extra cash. This service, which helps brands connect with consumers and study their consumption habits and preferences, is completely free; all that is needed from you is internet access and some available time.  

There are a variety of revenue

  • Completing surveys
  • eShopping
  • Playing games
  • Reading emails
  • Replying to emails
  • Watching ads
  • Viewing videos

Sign up and earn $5 upon joining, then get to work clicking away to make that money. You can cash out when you hit $30 saved, but we suggest you wait until you reach $40 so that you do not have to pay the $3 processing charge. 

InboxDollars lets you go at your own pace and work when you feel like it. If you have free time or want to be productive during Sunday football commercials, why not fill out a quick survey or click around the internet? There are neither requirements nor pressure, simply chances to earn fast money. There are already millions of InboxDollars users, taking advantage of this sweet deal. Join now!  

Opinions Outpost

In order to find ways to improve or better serve their customers, businesses frequently look to consumers to take surveys, which provide companies opinions and feedback from their target audience on a variety of related topics. These surveys help companies to pinpoint consumer preferences, spending patterns, and see what is or isn’t working.

Finding the right respondent or enough respondents to reach a meaningful conclusion can be difficult for businesses; a makeup company will not gain a lot from surveying a 70-year-old man since that is not their target buyer. This is where Opinions Outpost comes in.

This service creates focus groups, matching businesses with their targeted user and paying those ideal respondents to provide honest feedback. All you have to do is sign up and fill out a questionnaire. Once that is done, Opinion Outpost will pair you to all the possible surveys looking for respondents in your demographics.

On top of being paid, completing surveys gives Opinion Outpost members the chance to earn rewards, including a $10,000 quarterly giveaway. Every day, more surveys will be added. The only thing limiting this fast money opportunity is you.

Survey Junkie

If you find yourself running out of Opinion Outpost surveys, we suggest you join as many as possible to increase your survey pool. Survey Junkie is another such survey company that creates focus groups for businesses. 

With over 3 million survey takers, this free service pays you to provide valuable information to businesses. Each survey you take will give you points ranging from 20-200. Hit 1,000 points to cash out on PayPal for $10. 

As long as you are 18 or over, you can sign up, fill out their user form, and start earning. Surveys only take a few minutes to complete, which is perfect for when you are sitting around and have a little extra time. Instead of going straight to social media during your subway commute or commercial time, start answering questions and making some fast money.


For those of you that have trouble investing or saving, Acorns is the app that helps you save every time you spend. Here’s how it works - for every purchase you make, Acorns rounds that number up to the nearest dollar and stores that money away in an online piggy bank. Once that piggy bank reaches $5, Acorns puts that amount into a managed investment portfolio. 

This unique service lets you start investing without feeling the pain of putting a large chunk of change away. It tailors your portfolio to your risk tolerance and lets you multiply that stashing effect if you want to put away even more money with every purchase. So, normally, if you were to buy a coffee for 2.38, Acorns would put away 62¢ on your behalf. But, if you had the 2x multiplier activated, Acorns would hide away $1.24.

These micro investments help you get your foot in the investment door and learn about saving without feeling the financial pain. It costs just a dollar a month to begin storing away your acorns. So, make like a squirrel and start preparing for your future.

Stash Invest

Many millennials feel that the greatest barrier to entry in the stock market is that it costs too much to be worth the measly returns and money manager fees. Stash Invest, targets young people with a micro-investing model, letting them get started even if all the capital they have to play with is just $5.

For less than a dollar a month, you can choose from a variety of investment opportunities, create a diversified portfolio, set savings goals, and begin preparing for retirement. Its fantastic stock news feed helps you learn about the market and stay on top of trends.  

Put your money where it matters. Start Stashing with $5. Learn to invest. The first three months are free. So why not see if stashing is for you? 

Swell Investing

In recent times, young people have become especially conscious about a company's global footprint. They not only care about the business’ good or service but also want the peace of mind that their consumer dollars are going to a business that improves the world. So, if socially responsible investing matters to you, check out Swell Investing. 

This platform lets you pick from and invest in a variety of socially conscious investment packages such as disease eradication, clean water, renewable energy, and green technology. Tracking investments is simple and staying up to date is effortless with the Swell Investing tracker.

Grow and manage your portfolio all from your phone. Put your money where your mouth is and support companies that will not only increase your wealth but change the world for the better.


Most people tend to hoard at least a little bit. We save up products or devices that are out of date or barely used because we spent a lot of money on them at one point in time and might need them at some future date. Now some people might be tempted to save themselves the hassle and just throw these things away, but why wouldn't you try and make a few dollars back off your old unused items? 

Decluttr seeks to help you get rid of your old electronics, CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays, video games, iPods, by creating an online garage sale. Just upload the items by typing in the title or scanning the barcode, and you'll receive offers instantly.  

Decluttr lets you stay in control, providing you with offers for those items, which you can either reject or accept. With free shipping labels and multiple payment options, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try making some fast money online selling your old junk. 

Make your electronic trash someone else’s treasure. Sign up now and start getting rid of all your clutter. 


For all you online shoppers and couponers, Ebates is an excellent cash-back shopping platform that lets you shop and save from more than 2,500 major retailers. Simply purchase items through the website and start earning anywhere from 1%-25% off every single purchase you make.

Affiliate brands include but are not limited to: 

  • Sach’s Fifth Avenue
  • Under Armor
  • Nike
  • Barneys
  • Coach
  • Macys
  • Lululemon

If you are already planning on shopping for goods online, why not do everything in your power to save money off your purchases? Ebates is free and easy. There are no hidden fees or extra steps required. Just search, shop, and save.

Savings are automatically sent to your account and stored there. These reserves will be paid out four times a year. Sign up now and receive an instant $10 gift card. 


MyPoints is another fantastic survey aggregating app that lets you sign up to take surveys and earn points instantly. While doing this regularly will not pay for rent, it absolutely can pay for beer money. Earn 4,000 points taking surveys, and you'll get $25 straight to your PayPal account.  

Surveys are quick and interesting. There are a variety of companies looking for all sorts of participants. Help them improve their products and messaging and earn money in your spare time. This is a win-win for both sides. 

Join now and start answering questions for some easy money.